Our CORE Expertise

1. Strategy Mapping and Enterprise Performance Management (Key Performance Indicator, KPI) - using Balanced Scorecard (BSC) /Strategy-focused Organization (SfO) and Blue Ocean concepts.

2. Strategic Thinking Capability Enhancement

3. Building High Performance Team - using 3R, SWAT, SEAL and CASH modules developed by iiR.

...the Professional Executive Coach & NLP Master Coach are ready to help and develop YOUR TEAM!


Why is it important to be simple? And what is simple enough?

The quest is what works! The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.

While problems may be complex, the solution-focused approach to solving them is simple.

The SIMPLE model encompasses all the ideas that account for the unique effectiveness.

Solutions not problems;
Inbetween - the action is in the interaction;
Make use of what's there;
Possibilities - past, present and future;
Language - simply said;
Every case is different.

Source: The Solution-focused: Paul Z Jackson & Mark McKergow.