Our CORE Expertise

1. Strategy Mapping and Enterprise Performance Management (Key Performance Indicator, KPI) - using Balanced Scorecard (BSC) /Strategy-focused Organization (SfO) and Blue Ocean concepts.

2. Strategic Thinking Capability Enhancement

3. Building High Performance Team - using 3R, SWAT, SEAL and CASH modules developed by iiR.

...the Professional Executive Coach & NLP Master Coach are ready to help and develop YOUR TEAM!


The basic premises in coaching is building a relationship - the cardinal role between coach and coachee /Client. It's about co-creating the relationship.

Coach must be able and fast enough in establishing TRUST and INTIMACY with the Client. Ability to create a safe, supportive environment that produces ONGOING MUTUAL RESPECT and TRUST.

There must be a 'feeling session'...the COACHING PRESENCE, i.e. ability to be fully conscious and create a spontaneous relationship with the Client - employing a style that is OPEN, FLEXIBLE and CONFIDENT.