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coach.MIND 9: non-judgement meditation

Letting go our judgement is not an easy acceptance. It's a lifelong journey in handling and gaining it. Need a meditation!...

a way of practicing letting go of judgements we make about others and allowing our minds to clear

When we might use it? Whenever we can observe someone else!

REFLECTION: What do you do when...
  • someone making speech or presentation;
  • someone who's talking to someone else;
  • someone involved in a group discussion;
Let's try this 'meditation'
[Julie Starr, The Coaching Manual 2nd Edition 2008, Pearson]

Stage 1, become aware:
Find someone who's appropriate for you to observe, will be much better if ready with a notepad and pen. Relax and focus. Begin to notice your thoughts...

Stage 2, let go your own thoughts:
Acknowledge a thought, then let it pass. Allow it to be there, then let it go again! Jot them down, if necessary and then allow them to pass...

Use one or two of the following to guide and refocus your thoughts:
  • what is this person SAYING?
  • how does this person FEEL about this?
  • what is IMPORTANT to this person?
Why doing this? In coaching we have to do something else... LISTENING TO THE CLIENT!