Our CORE Expertise

1. Strategy Mapping and Enterprise Performance Management (Key Performance Indicator, KPI) - using Balanced Scorecard (BSC) /Strategy-focused Organization (SfO) and Blue Ocean concepts.

2. Strategic Thinking Capability Enhancement

3. Building High Performance Team - using 3R, SWAT, SEAL and CASH modules developed by iiR.

...the Professional Executive Coach & NLP Master Coach are ready to help and develop YOUR TEAM!

operating principles

A coach role is not
of the way the coachee treats
other people, or indeed
how they live their life
There are certain principles of perspective and belief that support collaborative coaching. Being a coach he or she believes in the power of coaching. And the most important thing that they can coach!

The coaching beliefs among others are:
  • commitment to support the individual;
  • coaching relationships are built upon truth, openness and trust;
  • coachee is responsible for the results they are creating;
  • coachee is capable of much better results than they are currently generating;
  • focus on what the coachee thinks and experiences;
  • coachees can generate perfect solutions; and
  • concersations are based on equality.