Our CORE Expertise

1. Strategy Mapping and Enterprise Performance Management (Key Performance Indicator, KPI) - using Balanced Scorecard (BSC) /Strategy-focused Organization (SfO) and Blue Ocean concepts.

2. Strategic Thinking Capability Enhancement

3. Building High Performance Team - using 3R, SWAT, SEAL and CASH modules developed by iiR.

...the Professional Executive Coach & NLP Master Coach are ready to help and develop YOUR TEAM!

no turning back!

After going through pro-bono coaching sessions since March this year, I finally made it!... to become Certified Coach effective October 18, 2008. The Cambridge Association of Managers (CAM) international convocation was held in Malaysia yesterday.

I would like to record my appreciation to my Master Coach, Mr Shaker Mustafa of Shaker Sdn Bhd for his expert guidance. To all my coachees, I would like to thank them for their interest in the world of coaching - and more importantly their role in the process. And special thank to 'Jun' for her exciting role play during coaching finale (video recording).