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Peer Coaching - the PROCESS

Before you proceed, have a quick look at the Peer Coaching series

In-classroom peer coaching involves colleagues working together around the shared observation of teaching. In these instances, there is generally a Pre-Conference, an Observation and Post-Conference. The cognitive coaching approach |Costa & Garmston 1990| offers a useful model for those activities.

Pre-Conference: The process of building trust and rapport, while gathering information about the lesson objective(s). The key elements would be on setting up OBSERVATION FOCUS and data collection approach. The teacher is taking the leading role.

Observation: During observation, the peer coach using the agreed upon format; COLLECTS ONLY the data that have been REQUESTED.

Post-Conference: The peer coach ask the teacher questions to promote REFLECTION about the lesson. Ultimately, the teacher decides what to do with the collected data.

In conclusion, peer coaching is not just evolves around those activities. It's about COMMUNICATION SKILLS that are employed throughout the conferencing process. The coaching core competency!

Postings on peer coaching (5 series) are intended to provide a snapshot understanding to participants who will be attending my one-day awareness workshop
- "Peer Coaching: An Innovation in Teaching" on 28 March 2009. Congratulations to Biology lecturers from Kolej Matrikulasi Pulau Pinang (KMPP).