Our CORE Expertise

1. Strategy Mapping and Enterprise Performance Management (Key Performance Indicator, KPI) - using Balanced Scorecard (BSC) /Strategy-focused Organization (SfO) and Blue Ocean concepts.

2. Strategic Thinking Capability Enhancement

3. Building High Performance Team - using 3R, SWAT, SEAL and CASH modules developed by iiR.

...the Professional Executive Coach & NLP Master Coach are ready to help and develop YOUR TEAM!


The human mind is perfectly capable of doing several things at the same time. Whe I am conducting a coaching program, I am...

thinking of what to ask next
observing the thinking flow of my coachee
thinking of other reasons associate with issues raised
thinking of what next?...

There is nothing wrong with thinking of many things at the same time. But if you find that matters are getting complex, then it is worth seeking to 'PAY ATTENTION' to only, ONE thing at ANY ONE time!

- it is not that you cannot do more than one thing at a time, but you choose not to for the moment.